International Internship Course

This course is a guided practicum which includes an internship in a field setting as well as academic coursework for reflection and documentation of the skills practiced.

Candidates must be accepted to a Sant’Anna study abroad program to apply.

Candidates are also required to have the following requirements to be accepted into the Internship course:

  • A minimum overall gpa of 3.0
  • Rising junior or senior status based on earned credits
  • Already accepted into major of study
  • Successful completion of core course work in the major
  • A clean discipline record from the home university


Students may qualify for a position based on their academic experience in their field as well as demonstrating the maturity and responsibility of being able to apply their skills to a practical work environment.

Accepted students collaborate with their work site supervisor, faculty supervisor, and Sant’Anna Institute’s Internship Coordinator in order to fulfill internship objectives and projects that best fit the aims of both the student intern and the employer..


*The Internship course has an additional fee of $510 (subject to change), which covers the student work registration with the Italian government, Italian fiscal code (compulsory by Italian law for work permission), onsite insurance coverage, and administrative expenses.   


Change / Withdrawal Policy:

  • The cost of the internship program is non-refundable once the program has started.
  • The internship change/dropout deadline is Friday of week 1.
  • Any internship dropout after the deadline will result in a W on the final transcript.
  • Any change of internship placement after the deadline will be allowed only within the first 3 weeks of the program and must be backed up by serious and documented motivations. The cost for this bureaucratic procedure is $150 extra.

Spring 2024 Internship in Education - Ila Rogers

Ila Rogers, a young student at Sant’Anna Institute from Boston, tells us about her Internship Experience in Sorrento at Conservatorio Santa Maria della Pietà, a primary school. Her internship focused on teaching English as a second language from first to fifth grade.


Students interested in an internship placement can expect to complete a minimum of the following steps before and during the internship period. Throughout application, placement, and participation in the internship, applicants are assisted by a dedicated professional: the Internship Coordinator.

Our Internship Coordinator and student support staff work very hard to ensure that students receive the appropriate placement so further steps may be required than those listed below.


Student complete the internship + program application here including:

  • resume
  • a cover letter describing:
    • educational background, previous work or internship experiences, community service, and leadership activities
    • objectives for the internship experience abroad and the responsibilities/projects the student would ideally like to be involved with
  • an official transcript
  • a copy of valid passport
  • two letters of recommendation on formal letterhead, with signatures, submitted as pdf, that speak to the student’s academic expertise and professional skills

The Internship Coordinator will set up an individual interview with the student via video chat to better understand his/her personal and professional ambitions that the internship may help him/her achieve.


Each student is matched with a local company that best suits their desires and needs and vice versa.


The student receives notification of their internship assignment via an individualized Internship Program, including project ideas that the student may consider developing in their internship role. The student is also assigned work shifts that work around their course commitments at Sant’Anna.


During the first day of the program student interns attend an Internship Orientation to learn key cultural factors about the professional environment.


Each student is introduced by the Internship Coordinator to his/her workplace during an initial meeting between their employers and the Sant’Anna Internship Coordinator, in order to discuss guidelines and expectations for this collaborative experience.


The student interns meet weekly with the Internship Coordinator to review successes and challenges of the internship experience, as well as goals for the upcoming week. The Internship Coordinator is available to help with any advice/assistance that may be deemed necessary.

*Depending on the Internship location, students may  need to commute (via train or bus). The transportation costs (bus or train tickets) are not included in the program fees and are the responsibility of the student to cover. Bus tickets cost approximately € 1.60 each way, and train tickets cost approximately €4.90 each way.

*In order to complete the required number of contact hours (135 hours for 3 credits and 270 hours for 6 credits) scheduled around their other academic commitments, students may be scheduled to work during the evenings and/or weekends at their internship site.

At the last internship meeting students will present their final projects and receive a certificate of completion of the internship as a reference for future job opportunities.

Fields and Placements include:

LeaD Program

Leadership, Engagement, and Development


LEaD is an integral piece of Sant’Anna’s International Internship Program. Consisting of weekly mentoring from field experts, the LEaD group discussions and reflection assignments are designed to teach students how to consciously engage in an intercultural and professional environment and to express the values and skills they develop throughout the experience.

International Mentoring Program

Starting from Fall 2022, Sant’Anna Institute is pleased to give our interns the opportunity to take advantage of our international network through a dedicated hybrid Mentoring program.
The program is aimed at putting interns in touch with experts, in their field of studies,  who are internationally recognized for their acclaimed professional background, and, in doing so receiving support and advise during the semester on how to approach their future career in that specific area after graduating.

For more information about the Mentoring Program and more, please feel free to contact the Academic Coordinator of the Program, Dr. Davide de Gennaro (Chair of Business Studies), at davide.degennaro@santannainstitute.com.


Caroline Caporossi

Founder and President of The Association for the Integration of Women (Italy)


Area of Expertise: Non-Profit (Women Empowerment)


Dr. Silvio Daidone

Econometrician – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO, Rome)


Area of Expertise: International Organizations


Angelica De Vito


Area of Expertise: International Organizations


Dr. Aziz Fatnassi

Assistant Professor – Champlain College (USA)


Area of Expertise:  Intercultural Relations


Dr. Mario Grimaldi

Archaeologist and Field Director (Italy)


Area of Expertise:  Roman Archaeology


Enrica Maresca

Account Director – Matild Palace,  Luxury Collection Hotel, Budapest (Hungary)


Area of Expertise: Hospitality and Tourism


Monica Norley

Managing Director – Mama Mzungu Limited (UK and Uganda)


Area of Expertise: Non-Profit (Cooperation and Development)


Dr. Flavia Occhibove,

Epidemiological Modeller – Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UK)


Area of Expertise:  Science and Research


Fabiana Paola

Marketing Analyst/Lead Advisor EMEA&JAPAC/Member of Oracle Women Leadership (Italy)

Area of Expertise:  Management and Marketing


Dr. Alessandra Ricciardelli

Research Fellow at SNA – The Italian National School of Administration (Italy)


Area of Expertise:  Academic Career and Management


Maria Rossi

Territory Sales Representative Spain – Design & Manufacturing


Area of Expertise: Sales Management


Lorenzo Vanacore

Account Executive – Amenitiz (Spain)


Area of Expertise:  Tourism and Sales Management

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Frequently Asked Questions


Sant’Anna Institute is located overlooking the Marina Grande of Sorrento, a small and safe city on the Bay of Naples. The Institute is located a short 15 minute walk from the center of town and 20 minutes from the Sorrento Station.

From the train station, it is easy to reach any city in Italy, as well as the gems of the Amalfi Coast. Naples, the closest metropolitan city, is about an hour away, making travel very convenient.

Absolutely not. We offer Italian courses at every level from Beginner to Post Advanced. Upon arrival, your Italian level will be evaluated and you will be placed in the proper class.

Furthermore, all of our staff speak a proficient level of English, ensuring you will not be lost during your time here.

Our students enjoy a plethora of opportunities to explore the region and get to know the Sorrentine community. Internships: During their time at Sant’Anna students can participate in an comprehensive internship related to their field of study. This is a wonderful way to gain relevant work experience and develop as a professional in an international environment.

Service Learning: These are projects that accompany specific courses allowing the community to become a “living” text and source of data for classwork while giving something back to your new home. Excursions and Field Trips: There are three excursions per semester (one per summer term) included in the program.

Aside from Italian language classes, all of our courses are given in English. For a list of courses and descriptions please visit this link: http://www.santannainstitute.com/courses-and-description/

To accommodate our students, we offer full year, Spring and Fall semester, summer sessions, as well as J-term and Maymester programs.

To relieve some of the financial burden of studying abroad, we offer various merit-based grants, as well as a scholarship available to Golden Key members. For more information, please navigate to the “Tuition & Grants” tab.

Yes. Our courses are accredited through our partner university Jacksonville University, making transferring credits an easy process.

We are very lucky to be able to offer a students an abundance of facilities, including free Wi-Fi throughout the building, a library, a student lounge, an organic garden right outside the door, 24-hour assistance to students, an offsite English speaking doctor if medical assistance is required, as well as a newly renovated residence hall on the third and fourth floors of our building.

As mentioned above, we have a residence hall with ensuite double or triple rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, a mini-fridge, and linens. There is a fully furnished kitchen on the third floor where students can comfortably prepare their own meals and store food. Students can also elect to live with a trusted host family or in apartments located in the city.