Faculty-Led Programs (FLP)

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Let Sant’Anna Institute’s Expertise in Hosting Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs Offer Peace of Mind for Your FLP! 

Sant’Anna Institute organizes academic packages for institutions and organizations that require tailor-made programs for their students and faculty.

Drawing on elements from our academic offerings and the community engagement institutions, credit and non-credit programs can be developed year-round for groups of all sized and students of all ages.

These unique and dynamic offerings give participants the opportunity to immerse themselves in Italian culture through hands-on learning and local community interaction.

We consider FLPs a mini-university abroad, an extension of a student’s home campus and curriculum.

The primary advantage of a FLP is that a student is able to combine the study abroad experience with the continuity of core curriculum courses. Teaching faculty from all disciplines initiate a FLP by recruiting a group of students from within their curriculum and then traveling with them to a study abroad location. The faculty member teaches core curriculum course(s) while the host institution provides support instruction logistics and other general education courses including internships, service learning, and volunteering. Students are able to complete a semester or a full academic year of study without falling out of sequence with their normal curriculum course structure.

A Faculty-Led Program also allows teaching faculty to customize a series of guest lectures, field trips, and cultural immersion activities that best suit the educational goals of their particular disciplines.

Program design

Program designs can vary significantly and could include:

  • Short-term or stand-alone programs (during a summer term).
  • Semester-long courses with some components such as spring or fall break or trips after the end of term.
  • Credit and non-credit courses can be designed for students studying the same syllabus as well as wider groups coming from different departments.
  • Opportunities for experiential learning outside the classroom, such as:
    • conversation partner program (or conversation exchange or intercambio);
    • experiential education (learning by doing) including research, field trips or seminars, laboratory works, fieldworks or observation;
    • immersion in workplace settings such as internships, volunteering, teaching;
    • service-learning abroad;
    • student club (or student organization) that can facilitate interaction with the local student population and encourage further development of language and intercultural communication skills.
  • Comprehensive support services during all three phases of the international experience (pre-departure, on-site, and re-entry) including in-depth advising and orientations, housing, excursions and cultural activities, and more.


Sant’Anna will coordinate:

  • Airport pick-ups
  • Student and faculty housing
  • Social and cultural immersion activities
  • Field trips
  • Visits to local firms and institutions
  • Conferences and guest lectures
  • Internships
  • Administrative assistance with visas and permits of stay in Italy
  • 24 hr emergency assistance


This is a list of schools that hold (or have held in the past) a faculty-led program at Sant’Anna:

Alfred State College (SUNY) Architecture, Business
Austin Community College Hospitality & Tourism
Bowling Green State University Education
Baylor University Photography
College of Charleston Italian Studies
CU Denver Communication
Delaware Technical College Culinary Arts
DePaul University Law
Florida International University Italian Studies
Hofstra University Italian Studies, Law
Johnson & Wales University Hospitality & Tourism
Indiana University – Bloomington Anthropology, Global Studies, Food and Wine
Marywood University Nursing
Plymouth State University Finance, Management, Professional Writing
San Diego University Italian Studies
Suffolk County Community College Italian Studies, Law
University of Connecticut Italian Literary and Cultural Studies
University of Dayton Law, Nutrition
University of Delaware Italian Studies
University of Northern Iowa Business
University of South Carolina Business
UT Knoxville Psychology
Virginia Commonwealth University Various
Texas State University Modern Languages
Wake Forest University Italian Studies
Western New England University Art & Sciences
University of Florida International Studies
University of Nebraska Lincoln Business
Jacksonville University Communication
Borough Of Manhattan Community College Italian
University of Maryland Human Trafficking
Wellington High School Italian and Marine Biology
In just three short weeks I have felt at home here in Sorrento. The culture and the atmosphere is one that makes you fall in love right away.

Abeer Elawad

United States
Sorrento is an amazing town. Even when I go else where in Italy I am always excited to come back to Sorrento. The university location is incredible and the dorms are really nice (with incredible views).

Haley Kennedy

United States
My experience at Sant'Anna was without a doubt a unique experience. I was placed in a internship that was new to me. Though the internship was not as expected I still feel as though I learned a lot in my time here.

Stephanie Kesselem

United States
This experience was well worth it and I would recommended it to any student considering a Study Abroad Internship. Sant' Anna was extremely helpful and knowledgeable about the area and the different places they placed us for our internships.

Michelle Kee

United States

PG Architecture Diploma

Building Beauty Post-Graduate Diploma in Architecture

An innovative approach to architecture education is now underway at Sant’Anna with the Building Beauty Master program. Building Beauty seeks to reconcile the education of architects with the art of making things that have life and are good for people and the land. This program, which is taught in English, began in November 2017 and was also offered in November 2018.

Building Beauty is a Post-Graduate Diploma in Architecture program (60 ECTS credits, equivalent to 120 USA/UK credits). Legal accreditation is currently being sought from universities in Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. The idea underpinning Building Beauty is that of a different, both holistic and scientific approach to architectural education, one that positions the ordinary living environment at center stage. It focuses on the adaptive process of building and change and the role of design in it where life is respected and enhanced in all its forms. “Beauty” becomes a tangible objective of social and ecologic pursuit as well as a matter of rigorous scientific investigation. The program is shaped to offer a profound experience of designing and making, revolving around the exploration of the reality of feelings and an evidence-based approach to the architectural process.

Building Beauty is founded on Christopher Alexander’s intellectual and practical work and designed in close collaboration with Maggie Moore Alexander and some of Alexander’s life-long collaborators. This legacy is most evident in our thirteen founding principles and in a few taught modules in our curriculum. The curriculum emphasizes the generation of beauty by means of the practical work of making; it is offered to all those willing to explore that beauty which makes a difference in the world.

On January 18-19, 2018, special guest: the blind sculptor Felice Tagliaferri.

Please visit the Building Beauty website here: https://buildingbeauty.org/

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Frequently asked questions


Sant’Anna Institute is located overlooking the Marina Grande of Sorrento, a small and safe city on the Bay of Naples. The Institute is located a short 15 minute walk from the center of town and 20 minutes from the Sorrento Station.

From the train station, it is easy to reach any city in Italy, as well as the gems of the Amalfi Coast. Naples, the closest metropolitan city, is about an hour away, making travel very convenient.

Absolutely not. We offer Italian courses at every level from Beginner to Post Advanced. Upon arrival, your Italian level will be evaluated and you will be placed in the proper class.

Furthermore, all of our staff speak a proficient level of English, ensuring you will not be lost during your time here.

Our students enjoy a plethora of opportunities to explore the region and get to know the Sorrentine community. Internships: During their time at Sant’Anna students can participate in an comprehensive internship related to their field of study. This is a wonderful way to gain relevant work experience and develop as a professional in an international environment.

Service Learning: These are projects that accompany specific courses allowing the community to become a “living” text and source of data for classwork while giving something back to your new home. Excursions and Field Trips: There are three excursions per semester (one per summer term) included in the program.

Aside from Italian language classes, all of our courses are given in English. For a list of courses and descriptions please visit this link: http://www.santannainstitute.com/courses-and-description/

To accommodate our students, we offer full year, Spring and Fall semester, summer sessions, as well as J-term and Maymester programs.

To relieve some of the financial burden of studying abroad, we offer various merit-based grants, as well as a scholarship available to Golden Key members. For more information, please navigate to the “Tuition & Grants” tab.

Yes. Our courses are accredited through our partner university Jacksonville University, making transferring credits an easy process.

We are very lucky to be able to offer a students an abundance of facilities, including free Wi-Fi throughout the building, a library, a student lounge, an organic garden right outside the door, 24-hour assistance to students, an offsite English speaking doctor if medical assistance is required, as well as a newly renovated residence hall on the third and fourth floors of our building.

As mentioned above, we have a residence hall with ensuite double or triple rooms equipped with Wi-Fi, a mini-fridge, and linens. There is a fully furnished kitchen on the third floor where students can comfortably prepare their own meals and store food. Students can also elect to live with a trusted host family or in apartments located in the city.