Virtual Internships


Sant’Anna Institute is pleased to announce the launch of our Virtual internships . Please find all features below:



  • Dates : May 23-June 26, 2021 (Summer I) or June 27-July 31, 2021 (Summer II)
  • 135 total hours for 3 JU credits
  • Application deadline: April 30th

PRICE : $1,840


FALL 2021 (For direct credit only)

  • Dates : August 29-December 18, 2021
  • 135 total hours
  • Application deadline: June 15th

PRICE : $1,690


SPRING 2022 (For direct credit only)

  • Dates : January 9th-April 30th, 2022
  • 135 total hours
  • Application deadline: October 3oth

PRICE : $1,690



  • Interview: video interview with Internship Coordinator to discuss student’s objectives and potential placements
  • Customized Program: Before the start of the term, the student will receive a program with information on the work placement and project outlines, designed according to the goals of the student and needs of the Professional Partner.
  • Orientation: a virtual group orientation for all students participating during the term, where the program layout and expectations will be explained.
  • LEaD Workshops: live weekly group meetings on professional development topics with reflection assignments. This includes 1 Guest Speaker for the Summer term and 2 for the Fall semester.
  • Advising: weekly email check-ins and feedback as well as periodic, virtual, one-on-one meetings with Internship Coordinator, Faculty Advisor, and Company Supervisor
  • Final evaluations completed by student, Internship Coordinator, Faculty Advisor, and Company Supervisor
  • Final presentation in e-portfolio format given virtually to peers, Internship Coordinator, Faculty Advisors, and Company Supervisor
  • Certificate of completion: includes number of hours completed and signed by Sant’Anna Institute and Professional Partner
  • Possibility to use Advisors/Supervisors as future references



Professional fields, academic areas, potential projects, and professional partners (please inquire if you are interested in a field not listed here):

  • Arts
    • Architecture, Interior Design, Graphic Design majors
    • Professional Partners:
      • Architecture studio
    • Projects:
      • Drafting solutions to design projects on architecture software


  • Business & Marketing
    • Human Services Management, Business Administration, International Business, Marketing, and Finance majors
    • Professional Partners:
      • Local municipality
      • Hotels and B&Bs
      • Event planners (including wedding, culinary, and music events)
      • Local commercial shops
      • International education institute
    • Projects:
      • Analytics for social media and website
      • Competitor research and analysis
      • Research and contact new markets with the aim of recovering business and/or promoting Sorrento as an international destination
      • Helping develop and communicate protocols for health & safety and wellness for staff and clients
      • Marketing company strengths through various materials/channels, such as presentations, handouts, activities, website, etc.


  • Communications
    • Advertising, Journalism, English majors
    • Professional Partners:
      • Local printed magazine
      • Online newspaper
      • Hotels and B&B’s
      • Event planners (including wedding, culinary, and music events)
      • Local commercial shops
      • International education institute
    • Projects:
      • Researching effects of the crisis on these types of businesses and writing strategic articles and/or social media content with the aim of recovering business


  • Education
    • Education majors
    • Professional Partner:
      • Foreign language institute
    • Projects:
      • Developing, administering, and assessing online ESL courses for individuals/groups


  • Italian Studies
    • Italian Studies majors
    • Professional Partner:
      • Foreign language institute
    • Projects:
      • Helping develop and assess online Italian language and culture courses for individuals/groups


  • Social Sciences
    • International Studies, Political Science, Women & Gender Studies majors
    • Professional Partners:
      • NGOs that support the social integration of refugees
    • Projects:
      • Carrying out an international pen pal project for refugees to connect beneficiaries from Italian organizations with those in the U.S.



  • Cancellation up 2 weeks prior program start: full refund minus bank fees.
  • Cancellation between 2 weeks and 1 week: 50% refund minus bank fees.
  • Cancellation from 1 week and or after the start of the program: no refund


Please contact:
– Sant’Anna Study Abroad Coordinator, Ms. Serena Vacca at Serena.Vacca@santannainstitute.com, for general information and application information
– Sant’Anna Internship Coordinator, Ms Emily Hammeren at Emily.hammeren@santannainstitute.com, for questions related to internships
– Sant’Anna Academic Director, Dr. Marco Marino at Marco.marino@santannainstitute.com, for specific academic inquiries.