Student Leadership Programs

Sant’Anna’s leadership programs are committed to giving our students the possibility to practice and develop their leadership skills in various ways.

There are many possibilities among which our students can choose according to their interest and abilities.

Here is the full list of the positions available*:

  • Student Club Leader: There are many clubs to lead here such as the Sports club (must have a previous experience in a sport club), Arts&Crafts club, Reading club, Hiking club, Gardening club and many more. We encourage students to suggest activities and/or create their own club based on their interests, there are no limits to creativity.
  • Student Activities Assistant: This position allows students to be more involved in student life by helping the Student Life Coordinator in organizing all activities and events and collecting feedback and ideas from other students.
  • Resident Assistant: This role is fundamental to help keep all student accommodations safe and in check by knowing and enforcing Sant’Anna polices and creating environments that enhance student academic progress and success.
  • Campus Ambassador: The Sant’ Anna Institute ambassador program is an initiative that has been set up to allow selected students to share their experiences with fellow students once back from their study abroad experience. We select mature and motivated students to represent the institute throughout each academic year. Students can enrich their resume by demonstrating and developing capabilities in an international setting focused on education.
  • Peer Academic Advisor (only for juniors or seniors and a minimum GPA of 3.5): Our Academic Advisor program connects freshmen and sophomores with juniors and seniors, who have a variety of academic experiences and knowledge. The student in this position will help other students who need academic support and will work as the Academic Supervisor Assistant.
  • Peer Diversity Advisor (must have a previous experience in a similar association): Helps promote diversity and assure inclusion and a comfortable environment for all students, collaborating with local associations. Organizes events that promote diversity and helps the inclusion of minorities.

It is important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their college years, to learn how to build relationships within teams, define identities, and complete tasks effectively. It also provides a great opportunity to learn to identify and show effective communication and social skills.

Students will develop critical thinking skills and learn how to adapt in difficult situations. This can help change their way of thinking when they need to overcome obstacles; they will gain knowledge about diverse cultures and cross-cultural communication and how ethics, morals and values relate to their everyday problems.

All these developed skills will be ones our students will use throughout their lifetime and in future work experiences.

All students will receive a certificate and a reference letter for their efforts.

*Available during Spring and Fall Semester Programs