Olga Stinga



Ciao! My name is Olga Stinga, and I’m the director of Sant’Anna. I coordinate all of the departments at our institute. I was born in Sorrento, and I graduated from the University of Naples in Foreign Languages where I had the opportunity to study abroad in England. I came back to my beloved Sorrento to begin my career at Sant’Anna Institute. Seventeen years later, I’m still here doing the job I love to connect students to my wonderful Italian community and culture!

The best experience we have to offer is giving students the opportunity to live like locals. From the walking tours and excursions to site visits and cooking courses, living among Italians provides students with memories that will last a lifetime. In my free time, I enjoy cooking. ‘Wait until you’ve dined in our amazing restaurants or perhaps you’ll make your own authentic Italian meal. I also enjoy taking long walks. I’ve been told I’m a fast walker. Perhaps if you come to Sant’Anna, you can try and keep up with me as we walk through this beautiful city. I look forward to meeting you in person, if you are lucky enough to study abroad with us!