Giorgia Del Santo


Study Abroad Assistant / Student Life Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Giorgia Del Santo. I am the Student Life Coordinator at Sant’Anna, although I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of this institution for quite a while. I was born and raised in Sorrento – the most hidden gem and least touristy place in Italy. I attended the University of Salerno, where I studied Foreign Languages. After graduation, I became an Italian professor at Sant’Anna. Throughout my time here, I have created special relationships with students that will last a lifetime. My role serves our students by helping to introduce them to our our amazing Italian culture.

Some activities I enjoy include hiking the beautiful paths of the Sorrento peninsula, yoga, Pilates, climbing, and roller skating. I also enjoy my dog, Kelly. In fact, she often comes to the office with me, and our students love to be with her. Be careful, if you come here, fair warning – she gives non-stop kisses! I hope you can meet her and that I can meet you. I look forward to sharing my beautiful homeland with all of you, if you are lucky enough to be a student at Sant’Anna.