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Hiking along the trails of the Sorrentine Peninsula is the best way to discover the many scenic marvels of this natural balcony over the bays of Naples and Salerno. The 150 miles of trails that cross the entire Sorrento coast are a great attraction for trekking fans. Along these trails you can discover enchanting places rich in history, view points, ancient farmhouses and go through lemon groves, olive groves and landscapes populated by Mediterranean scrub. 
The routes are signposted near major intersections and in urban centers providing additional information such as hiking and walking distance. 

The peninsula is surrounded by Lattari Mountains which hug the Sorrentine coast and the Amalfi coast in an animated way, rich with plateaus, sheer cliffs, peninsulas and deep gorges. There are many trails in the countryside, all different and various in length and difficulty. You can choose from dozens of different trips.
Hiking and trekking guidebooks are available in local bookshops.
Expert hiking guides or tour operators organize guided hike and bike tours of varying difficulty and cost.

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