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Sant'Anna Institute

The Dalì Universe art show in Sorrento


Dalì' s artwork in all its immensity never goes out of fashion. His drawings and sculpture in particular, are simultaneously both contemporary and classic.

With the passing of time, they retain their original mystical quality. The result is that they live on without losing any of their fascination and appeal. The exhibition is a rare opportunity to discover various aspects of the Master's work, such as bronze sculpture, illustrations on the great themse of literature, objects in glass and gold, as well as surrealistic furniture. Dalì sculptor, Dalì illustrator and Dalì designer; he was a versatile genius who experimented with different materials and techniques.


Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento opens its doors to a unique exhibition personally curated by Beniamino Levi President of the Stratton Foundation, who knew Dalì well. The exhibition is an occasion for the public to discover less familiar aspects ot the artistic oeuvre of the great Catalan artist.

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