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Sant'Anna Institute

Sant'Anna Institute at the International Mediterranean Studies Association Congress

19th Annual International Mediterranean Studies Association Congress, Università degli Studi di Palermo, May 25–28, 2016

Sant'Anna Institute will be present at the Congress of the MSA (Mediterranean Studies Association), held on May 25–28, 2016, at the University of Palermo, Sicily, Italy.

On Saturday, May 28th, Sant'Anna Academic coordinator Marco Marino will hold a session entitled: "Encounters, cross-fertilization and interplay: what possible future for the Mediterraean?" with the collaboration of Sant'Anna Mediterranean studies coordinator, Domenico Palumbo, and prof. Bernardo Picichè (Virginia Commonwealth University).

Sant'Anna Institute International Center of Mediterranean Studies will host the MSA conference in 2018 (Sorrento, Italy).



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