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Sant'Anna Institute at AAIS 2014 in Zurich

May 23-25, 2014

Dear friends,

We are pleased to inform you that, this year, Sant'Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue will once again be attending the AAIS Annual Conference (American Association for Italian Studies) that will take place in Zurich (Switzerland), May 23-25, 2014 ( ).
The Sant’Anna Institute, in collaboration with Prof. Cristina Perissinotto (University of Ottawa, Canada), has organized the following sessions:

- session 74: "Orizzontale e verticale: il viaggio nella narrativa italiana [I] - Narratives and bordercrossing in Italian travel writing and cinema" (Saturday May 24th, room KOL-G-220, 12.45-14.00)
Chair: Domenico PALUMBO (Sant'Anna Institute)
1. Paul GIORDANO (University of Central Florida) — Constantinopoli: De Amicis and Borgese, narrating the city during and after the fall of the Ottoman Empire
2. Grace RUSSO BULLARO (City University of New York) — Tim Parks and An Italian Education: The vagaries of defining national character by a resident/traveler
3. Barbara ALFANO (Bennington College) — On the Way Back From Hell: Neo-Platonic Gaze and Knowledge in Sibilla Aleramo’s Dialogo con Psiche

- session 87: "Orizzontale e verticale: il viaggio nella narrativa italiana [II] - Travellers and strangers in Italian travel writing" (Saturday, May 24th, room KOL-G-220, 14.15-15.30)
Chair: Barbara ALFANO (Bennington College)
1. Francesca BORRIONE (University of Perugia) — Mar Nero di Federico Bondi: una favola di integrazione tra Italia e Romania
2. Mariangela SANESE (University College Cork) — Figure femminili tra displacement e location nel romanzo - Il vento sulla sabbia di Fausta Cialente
3. Silvia BOERO — (Portland State University) Viaggio all’inizio della fine: Questo nostro fratello di Giovanni Corona
4. Amira KRIFA — (Institut Supérieur des Langues, Tunis) Il viaggio inPirandello: una fuga dalla propria identità

- session 100: "Orizzontale e verticale: il viaggio nella narrativa italiana [III] - Trial and discovery in Italian and foreign narratives" (Saturday May 24th, room KOL-G-220, 16.00-17.15)

Chair: Marco MARINO (Sant'Anna Institute)
1. Domenico PALUMBO (Sant'Anna Institute) — Il lessico del poema sacro nella Gerusalemme Liberata: viaggio, viandante, straniero
2. Tommaso PEPE (Florida State University) — La lunga strada di Levi: una tregua ieri, una prova oggi
3. Matthew CONEYS (University of Warwick) — Le più maravegliose cose: varieties of presentation and reception of the Italian incunables of the Book of John Mandeville, 1480-1500
4. Scott NELSON (Coastal Carolina University) — Italy Exported: The Power and Fragility of Identity in Amelio’s Lamerica

We are honoured to invite all the Conference's attendees to the session organized by Sant'Anna Institute.
We also kindly invite you to visit our booth during the conference to get to know more details about our Academic programs.

We will be waiting for you!
Don't miss out!



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