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Sant'Anna Institute

Sant'Anna and Loyola University

Sant'Anna Institute has launched a new project (2014, March-April) involving senior students of "Salvemini" High School (Sorrento), led by English Professor M. D' Esposito, and students of Italian language at Loyola University (Maryland, USA,, coordinated by Dr. N. Applauso, professor of Italian language.

The project consists of putting in touch an American student and an Italian one (16-22 years old), in video-conference (via Skype). This activity is an integral part of the Italian 102 class (Beginning Italian Level 2) at Loyola University.

During each session, students of each pair will speak in Italian in the first half and in English in the second one, while responding to some questions about each other's life, town, tastes ...
It is a fast and profitable way to bring together students from different countries and cultures, by encouraging the practice of the language they study through virtual meetings with native people.



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