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is the main town close to the Costiera Amalfitana.

The city has a rich and varied culture, and the city is divided into three distinct regions: the medieval sector with a modern state-of-the arts area, the planned 19th century district and the more densely-populated post-war area, with its several apartment blocks.

Salerno is located at the geographical center of a triangle nicknamed Tourist Triangle of the 3 P (namely a triangle with the corners in Pompei, Paestum and Positano). This peculiarity gives Salerno special tourist characteristics that are increased by the many local points of tourist interest like the Lungomare Trieste (the coast line), the historical centre and the Duomo.

The "Historical Downtown Salerno" is believed to be one of the best maintained in the Italian peninsula.

Christmas lights in Salerno

Christmas lights in Salerno


Every year the city of Salerno has a spectacular Christmas light display.

The city is divided in several zones, and each of them has a main theme such as “The Enchanted Garden”, “Stars and Planets”, “The Winter Garden” , “The Dragon and the Lanterns” and the theme changes each year.

They are on display November-January.




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