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Presentation of "The art of making do in Naples"

"The art of making do in Naples" by the anthropologist Jason Pine was presented at Sant'Anna Institute (July, 4th).


On July, 4th (5 pm) at Sant'Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue the American anthropologist Jason Pine has presented his last book, entitled "The art of making do in Naples" (University of Minnesota Press), an in-depth analysis of the phenomenon of Neapolitan "neomelodici" singers and its social and cultural implications.


Jason Pine is Assistant Professor of Anthropology & Media, Society and the Arts at the University of SUNY Purchase (New York State).

His research focuses on the connections between aesthetics and political economy, with specific reference to alternative economies. He has conducted research on the production of methamphetamine by the poor rural communities in the Midwest of the United States: this topic will be the subject of his next book, "Alchemical Ontology: Methamphetamine and the Matter of Life". His first area of ​​research has focused on the "contact zones" between the art of making do and organized crime in and around Naples.



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