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Sant'Anna Institute


At Sant’Anna Institute, we seek to provide the most support, including:

-Assistance with the Visa Process, more information at our Visa Page

-Aid with credit transfer through Jacksonville University

-Orientation presentation at the start of the program, followed with a walking tour of our city, Sorrento

-24-hour emergency assistance

-WiFi available in all classrooms and housing areas

-On-Site Advisor to help with any questions or concerns

-Class materials

-An English speaking doctor available

-Assistance traveling Europe in a variety of means, more details at our Traveling Europe page

-Culture Shock and Re-Entry Materials for after the program
Pompeii tour with our Archeology professor, Illaria


We have multiple options for housing, more details at

Phones and Banks

For information of our recommendations for usage of phones and banks in Europe, please visit for more information


We also include excursions for all of our students, depending on the length of their stay and what season they come. All excursions include a guide or Sant'Anna staff to accompany and transportation. A sampling can be found at

Cultural Immersion

We encourage out students to integrate into the Italian culture in a variety of ways, some of which include:

               -Community Engagement including service learning projects, internships with local companies, and encouraging interactions between locals and our students

               -Italian cooking classes are held every other Monday, where students can learn how to cook an authentic Italian dish-and eat it too!

               -Optional activities and excursions, from gelato making to olive picking

               -Updates on local events and festivities
A student on a field trip at a local Buffalo farm
Exploring ancient spas as part of Archeology
Cultural Immersion with local families

Student Mail:

Send as follows:

C/o Sant’Anna Institute
Via Marina Grande, 16
Sorrento (NA) Italia 80067

Visiting Your Student

If you would like help visiting Sorrento, we would love to assist you in any way! Arranging private cars, hotel recommendations and additional activities and advice is always available! Please email for any queries.



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