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Our Values

Sant'Anna Institute

Our Values


  • Acceptance – Value for the characteristics that make others different from ourselves, including but not restricted to: race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, culture. Granting equal opportunities and fostering an inclusive environment is of the upmost importance to our organization

  • Continuous Improvement- Value for the exploration of different ways in which we can better serve our staff, students, and community

  • Discovery- Value for our students to use their experience away from home to explore and learn from the unfamiliar.

  • Diversity- Value for the differences that make our community strong. We strive to understand and appreciate that which is different from ourselves

  • Education- Value for a holistic learning approach.

  • Internationality- Value for the global reach within which our organization operates. We celebrate the culture and variety brought by our students to our institute.

  • Knowledge- Value for the pursuit and exploration of knowledge.

  • Leadership- Value for the empowerment of our staff and students to facilitate change.

  • Learning- Value for the ability to grow from every experience both in and out of the classroom.

  • Self-confidence- Value for staff and students to feel capable and independent in their daily lives.

  • Sustainability- Value for socially and environmentally progressive practices that protect our environment.



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