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Museo Correale

A highlight of Sorrento is Museo Correale di Terranova, an 18th-century villa with a lovely garden on land given to the patrician Correale family by Queen Joan of Aragon in 1428. It has an eclectic private collection amassed by the Count of Terranova and his brother.

The building itself is fairly charmless, with few period rooms, but the garden offers an allée of palm trees, citrus groves, floral nurseries, and an esplanade with a panoramic view of the Sorrento coast. The collection, moreover, is one of the finest devoted to Neapolitan paintings, decorative arts, and porcelains. So for connoisseurs of the Seicento (Italian 17th century), this museum is a must.

Magnificent 18th-century inlaid tables by Giuseppe Gargiulo, Capodimonte porcelains, and rococo portrait miniatures are reminders of the age when pleasure and delight were everything. Also on view are regional Greek and Roman archaeological finds, medieval marble work, glasswork, old-master paintings, 17th-century majolicas—even the poet Tasso's death mask.



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