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Mediterranean Spring Semester

Spring 2019 "Mediterranean" program

The International Center of Mediterranean Studies is pleased to announce the first edition of the Spring 2018 "Mediterranean" program.
Sorrento is the ideal location for a study abroad program focusing on the Mediterranean Sea, for its location in the middle of the Mediterranean basin (very close to the Greek temples of Paestum, the Roman ruins of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Oplontis, Cuma and one of the most interesting urban areas in the basin, Naples) and its historical and artistic heritage, synthesis of the several civilizations that have shaped the Mediterranean culture throughout the years.

- January 13th– May 4th, 2019

- 3 credits per course for a total of 15-18 credits

- Students take one Italian course (all levels available) and 4-5 courses taught in English focusing on the Mediterranean Sea

- 3 excursions included: Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, Naples

- Internship opportunities are also available for academic credit (as part of the 18 credits) in a variety of science, business and art fields related to the Mediterranean Studies.
For more info please contact our Internship Coordinator Emily Hammeren at

The program will be enriched by monthly seminars held by the Board Members of our International Center and other faculty and scholars, experts in Mediterranean Studies (teaching and research). List of topics includes:
- Mediterranean Identity
- Love and Sexuality in Mediterranean literature
- the Mediterranean Sea in medieval literature
- Mythology and Archetypes
- Dialectic and tragedy as origin of modernity
- Mediterranean religious melting pot
- Women's role in the Mediterranean societies
- the Mediterranean urban areas

- Tuition and fees
All of our courses are offered through Jacksonville University (Florida).
To apply, please contact Sant'Anna Study Abroad Coordinator Serena Vacca at
Spring 2019 Application Deadline: November 15th, 2018 APPLY HERE

Spring 2019 Courses - "Mediterranean" program

Internship 3, 6 or 9 credits

International Tourism - 4 credits
Territory and Entrepreneurship: Tradition, Sustainability, Competitiveness - 3 credits

Beginner Italian - 3 credits
Elementary Italian - 3 credits
Pre-Intermediate Italian - 3 credits
Intermediate Italian - 3 credits
Upper Intermediate Italian - 3 credits
Advanced Italian - 3 credits
Post-Advanced - 3 credits
Medieval Italian Literature I - 3 credits
Medieval Italian Literature II - 3 credits
Modern Italian Literature - 3 credits
Contemporary Italian Literature - 3 credits

Marine Biology - 3 credits
Vulcanology - 3 credits
Geology - 3 credits

History of Contemporary Italy - 3 credits
History of the Mafia: Origins and International Scope - 3 credits
Anthropology of Europe - 3 credits
Mediterranean Culture and History - 3 credits

Archaeology field study - 3 credits
Creative Writing: Travel and Experience - 3 credits
Art History: Ancient Greek to Italian Renaissance - 3 credits
Introduction to digital photography - 3 credits
Drawing on Location, the Art of the Travel Sketchbook - 3 credits



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