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Italian Study Visa

Italian Study Visa


In order to study in Italy, you are required to have a valid student Schengen Visa.

You are responsible for staying informed about the specific requirements of your study visa and lodging the appropriate application materials with the Italian Consulate.

Please refer to the instructions listed when completing the study visa application.  

We highly recommend that you start to work on gathering your materials as soon as possible.  


Italian Consulates


The Italian Study Visa process is administered in the US by a consulate offices located throughout the country. Each consulate office administers student visas in a slightly different way. Therefore it is important that you review the specific requirements carefully, as the visa process is not uniform across the country.  


The Application Process  

STEP 1-Acquiring a Passport

You must possess a valid passport. If you do not have a passport, please begin the process of securing one immediately. If you already have a passport, please check to see that it has not expired.  


STEP 2–Apply and schedule an appointment

Once you have determined your consulate of jurisdiction, you will need to complete an application to obtain your visa. Please refer to your consulate’s website to obtain the application form as not all consulates use the same form. You will also need to schedule an appointment with the consulate to sign the necessary papers.  


STEP 3–Submitting the necessary materials

Once you have completed your application, you will need to provide your consulate with some important documents for processing. The visa will be issued for the duration of the study abroad program with a flexibility of one week before the beginning and one week after the end of the study abroad program.

To apply for a student visa, the following items are required by all consulates (among the others):

1.    Passport

2.    1-2 recent, passport-sized photos to attach to your application.

3.    Acceptance Letter from Home Institution.

4.    Original Acceptance Letter from Sant’Anna Institute-Sorrento Lingue.

5.    Original Certification Letter addressed to the Consulate General verifying enrollment as a full-time student in an official university or school in Italy and verifying full financial responsibility for tuition and housing. Students must present their own bank letters or a letter referring to a joint bank account of the student with the parents (the name of the student has to appear as an holder of the account); in case the student is unable to provide a personal or joint bank account, the financial aid office of the University/Institution must issue a letter with the amount of the financial grant for the study abroad program and date of disbursement; bank letters or financial aid letters must show a balance of at least 35 dollars for each day of the study abroad program.

6.    Health insurance letter. All students must show an insurance coverage for the first two weeks of their stay in Italy (with a coverage of at least 50,000 USD for hospitalization, medical expenses, medical necessary evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains) in order to have a coverage while purchasing a INA/Assitalia insurance policy in Italy

7.    A copy of your flight itinerary or travel tickets with exact departure and arrival dates.

Once received from you the first payment installment, SASL will send you the Acceptance Letter and documents you need to submit to the Consulate.  

For any question or additional info, contact us.


The study visa will be issued only upon demonstration that you:

  1. have a suitable accommodation in Italy;
  2. may dispose of enough financial means to support yourself;
  3. are entitled to medical care in Italy;
  4. possess the amount of money necessary to travel back to your country, or have already purchased a valid return-ticket.
STEP 4-When in Italy
Once you arrive in Italy, we will assist you in scheduling an appointment at the consulate to get your permit of stay. The permit of stay process requires a fee of approx 200€** payable online before the appointment.
At the scheduled day, you will need to:
- go to the immigration office in Naples (SASL staff will accompany you)
- bring with you: original passport, original Visa documents and 4 photos passport-size (at your expenses).
It is a very important step to obtain the permit, and you will be identified and registered. 
You will then need to wait to obtain the actual permit.
Please note that, due to the italian laws, the process can be very long.

** The price of 189,92€ is as follows:

Service  fee:  € 30,00

Italian Revenue Tax Stamp: € 16,00

Italian Post Office Fee: € 31,96

Electronic Print Fee: € 111,96

TOTAL: € 189,92


Helpful Tips:

• Each Italian consulate office retains the right to amend its visa process at any time. We encourage you to refer back to your consulate’s website frequently throughout the process.  

• Be sure to make copies of your entire application for your records.  

• The study visa will be attached to your passport by the consulate. Please be sure this document is located in your passport prior to your departure to Italy.  

• If you are not a US citizen, you are responsible for any Italian visa regulations that pertain to your particular citizenship. For more information, contact your local Italian Consulate.  

• If you are financially supported by your parents, they will need to provide the following documents of support: 1) notarized Affidavit of Financial Assets, 2) notarized Affidavit of Support and/or, 3) bank statements.  

• If you are financially supporting yourself, you will need to provide proof of financial aid, scholarships or other financial awards in the form of original, official copies of the award letters.



Students that are staying in Italy for less than 90 days, will not need to apply for a permit of stay.

However, they may need to apply for a Declaration of presence if they enter Italy passing through the Schengen Area (U.K., Ireland, German, Spain..).

The fee of the Declaration is 18,15 € per student.

Sant’Anna Institute will assist the students during the process.

If you enter Italy DIRECTLY from your own Country, WITHOUT passing through the Schengen Area you DO NOT need to apply for the Declaration of Presence. Please, be sure your passport is clearly stamped by the airport. If it is not clear or there is not a stamp at all, you MUST apply.  



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