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Special Topics: History of Contemporary Italy HIST 350

3 credits (45 hours)



In this course, students will examine Italian history, beginning with the end of World War II and the birth of the Italian Republic. The clashes between various political parties, the Cold War, the economic boom and terrorism in the 1970s will also be analyzed. Students will later examine the political degeneration of the 80s, "Tangentopoli" and the new political system in the Berlusconi era. Particular attention will be devoted to foreign policy, focusing on Italy's role in the international arena with an emphasis on the European unification process with Italy as a leading country. The faculty will generate a critical discussion on these topics, inviting students to think independently about the causes and consequences of the events that they study. Students are expected to actively participate and contribute to class discussion. Evaluation will include two written exams and one 5 page research paper.



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