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Sant'Anna Institute | Department of Study Abroad

Sant'Anna Institute

Fitness Management

Preparing gym for special events and programs as well as maintaining a clean and safe environment. Attending to clients and introducing them to the facilities. Preparing a marketing plan to improve business visibility, maximize the quality of service, and increase number of clients. Proposing and organizing community events to promote the business and fitness awareness. Support staff with any necessary office tasks.

Language: English, a knowledge of the Italian language recommended, but not required.

Some of our partners (local fitness centers):

OpenClub Gym

"I think [my internship] will allow me to be seen as more of an asset for someone having worked overseas and am able to work in a completely unfamiliar environment, being able to communicate a lot better with someone who may not speak English as well, learning how another business does their daily operations a lot easier."
 - Daniel Gowdie, Sports Management Intern Spring 2016, MoveUp Gym



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