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Sant'Anna Institute

Fall Semester 2019

Fall 2019 program

Fall in Sorrento begins with the summer weather of late August, which carries on through most of the semester. The harvest begins in October when the fruits and vegetables of autumn become available in abundance! 

Intern with a local business in your field or strictly take credits toward your degree, and celebrate Thanksgiving and local holidays with Italian friends on the warm Sorrento coast. 
Experience the beginning of Italian holidays in December and the festivities that accompany the celebrations. 

Discover what a past student thought about the merits of a fall semester abroad on our blog!

- August 25 – December 14, 2019

- Fall break: October 14-18

- 3 credits per course for a total of 15-18 credits

- Students take one Italian course (all levels available) and 4-5 courses taught in English.

- 3 excursions included: Pompeii, Mt Vesuvius, Naples

- Internship opportunities are also available for academic credit (as part of the 18 credits) in a variety of business and art sectors.  Please visit the Internship page to learn more.

- All our courses are offered through Jacksonville University (Florida) which is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. For more questions on this process, please contact Sant'Anna Program Coordinator Olga Stinga at For application, contact the Assistant Program Coordinator, Serena Vacca, at Courses noted with (JU) are taught by Jacksonville University faculty.

- Tuition and Fees

Application Deadline for Fall 2019 Program: June 11th, 2019

Internship and Service Learning


Introduction to Civic Engagement JU 330

Italian Studies

Elementary Italian Language WL 101

Pre-Intermediate Italian Language WL 102

Intermediate Italian Language WL 201

Upper Intermediate Italian Language WL 202

Advanced Italian Language WL 325

Special Topics: Post-Advanced Italian WL 325

Medieval Italian Literature I - Dante WL 325

Medieval Italian Literature II WL 325

Modern Italian Literature WL 325

Contemporary Italian Literature WL 325

Classical Studies

Elementary Latin WL 101

Pre-Intermediate Latin WL 102

Introductory Ancient Greek WL 101

Ancient Cultures HUM 311

Humanities and Arts

Introductory Writing ENGL 103

World Literature ENGL 203

Special Topics: History of Art from Ancient Greece to Italian Renaissance ARH 376

Special Topics: Archaeology Field Study HUM 399

World Geography GEOG 200

Introduction to Philosophy PHIL 101

History of Italian Cinema FVA 276

Introduction to digital photography ART 205

Business Studies

Competing in the Global Environment INB 303

Sustainability SUST 335

Global Business: Italy & Tourism IMB 421

Entrepreneurship and the New Economy ENT 481

Principles of Marketing MKG 301

Social Sciences

Introduction to Sociology SOC 203

World Religions RELG 101

Special Topics: History of Contemporary Italy HIST 350

Special Topics: History of the Mafia HIST 350

Western Civilization Since 1648 HIST 165

Anthropology of Europe JU 330

Special Topics: Mediterranean Culture and History IS 305

International Politics POL 208

Special Topics: Human Rights POL 375

Geo Politics and Energy POL 375

Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies: History, Theory, Practice WGS 201.

Sciences and Natural Sciences

Introduction to Geology JU 330

Introduction to Volcanology JU 330

Introduction to Marine Biology MSC 113

Special Topics: Marine Conservation MSC 430

Health Sciences

Human Nutrition BIOL 221*

Nutrition for Physical Activity & Health KIN 427*

Introduction to Health Professions BIOL 199*

*More Health Sciences courses will be announced soon



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