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Sant'Anna Institute | Department of Study Abroad

Sant'Anna Institute

Creative Writing, English, Journalism

Writing and editing content for company websites, social media platforms, blogs, newletters, articles for the local magazine, and other projects depending on necessity and student interest. Taking photos to accompany writing material.

Language: English, a knowledge of the Italian language recommended, but not required.

Click here to watch the final Internship presentation from Kendal Lariviere, our Spring 2016 intern!

Option to write with Sorrentum Magazine with:

"Beyond strengthening my resume, I think that my internship will benefit my future career because it has given me professional writing skills and experience in a diverse setting. Because I was able to write in so many different forms throughout my internship, I feel that I'll be able to write creatively in almost any setting."

- Kendal Lariviere, Creative Writing Intern Spring 2016



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