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Sant'Anna Institute

"Basilicata Coast to Coast" at Sant'Anna Institute

"Basilicata Coast to Coast" (2010)

(with subtitles in Italian)


GREAT GUEST: Rocco Papaleo, Director  


WHEN: Tuesday June 25th 2013

WHERE: Sant'Anna Institute, Library

WHAT TIME: 1:15 pm 


After the projection of the movie, the students met the Director and asked him some questions.



Four friends, all musicians, coming from Maratea (Basilicata, Southern Italy), Nicola (keyboards and vocals), Franco (bass), Salvatore (guitar) and Rocco (percussion), founded a small local band when they were teen-agers. Now they are a teacher of maths, a carpenter, a tobacconist and a television star.

During a very hot summer, the four friends decide to participate in a music festival. To reach the location of the festival, they need to go through the Basilicata region from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Ionian coast. But they decide to leave ten days in advance and to reach their destination on foot, while trying to find a new meaning to their lives.




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