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Sant'Anna Institute

Drawing on Location, the Art of the Travel Sketchbook (FNAT 2453)

3 credits (45 hours)


PhD in Architectural Drawing (Federico II, University of Naples, 2001)
MA in Architecture (IUAV, University of Venice, 1993)


This course is offered to students enrolled at Sant’Anna Institute as part of the study abroad program in Sorrento, Italy. Lectures and field sketching sessions are centered on drawing on location as the best way wehave to increase our capacity to observe and to understand reality.An object, a tree, a person, cities or landscapes: during every day life or while traveling, journaling and sketchingfrom real is a profound and lasting experience. While drawing we learn to see and we can select information andhighlight details better than we could with a camera.Students will discover Sorrento and its region of Campania, visiting Naples and surrounding archaeological sites,recording their observations through images and words in a travel sketchbook.Freehand drawing and location drawing as basic and complementary skills are recommended not only amongarchitects, visual artists, animators and graphic designers, but also in disciplines such as archaeology, history,zoology, botany and geology. Classic drawing exercises, as suggested by authors such as Kimon Nicolaides orBetty Edwards, will also help beginners to break the ice with life drawing and get the most out of the experience.


At the end of the course the student will be able to do the following:

- Demonstrate an ability to sketch a variety of subjects

- Employ a variety of drawing and painting techniques

- Compose and arrange words and drawings as a way to record personal travel experiences

- Use the sketchbook as a daily habit, to keep a graphic journal

Suggested reading

  • Gabriel Campanario, People and Motion. The Urban Sketching Handbook. Tips and Techniques..., QuarryBook 2015.
  • Gabriel Campanario, Architecture and Cityscape. The Urban Sketching Handbook. Tips and Techniques..., QuarryBook 2014.
  • Gabriel Campanario, The art of Urban Sketching. Drawing on location around the world, Quarry Books 2012.
  • Danny Gregory, The Creative Licence. Giving yourself permission to be the artist you truly are, Hyperion Books 2005.


- a blank hardback SKETCHBOOK
- a WATERCOLOR paper block
- a WATERCOLOR BOX filled with 3 to 8 colors (tubes or pans)
- 3 BRUSHES: a waterbrush, large size; a flat brush n.10 to16, a round brush n.10 to 16
- a ballpoint black pen, a waterproof roller pen or/and a fountain pen with waterproof ink
- a water soluble pen
- some very soft pencils (4B to 9B) and a medium soft pencil (HB to 2B) + sharpener and eraser
*More detailed list will be given later on.


o Course introduction. Drawing as a daily habit
o Travel Journaling, examples and tips from various authors
o Pen, ink and watercolor techniques
o Drawing warm up exercises in Sant'Anna's garden
o Figure drawings and portraits at Sant'Anna
o Painting panoramas from Villa Comunale in Sorrento
o Sketching urban life in Sorrento's streets
o Sketching architecture and perspective in Chiostro San Francesco, Sorrento
o Sketching people and painting marine scenes in Sorrento's port Marina Piccola
o Sketching people and painting marine scenes in Marina Grande
o Field trip to Museo Correale in Sorrento
o Field trip to Bagni Regina Giovana, Sorrento
o Final "portrait party" and complete your graphic diary



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