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Alumni Survey

2016 Alumni Survey Results

We polled Sant'Anna Alumni from the past three Academic Years who attended throughout various terms.

would recommend an experience at Sant'Anna Institute to other students

of the respondents also experienced an Internship

"My internship with Luigi Alfaro [Architecture Studio] was the conversation point of most of my interviews. This internship and the experiences/skills that I gained is something that I am very proud to talk about." 
Seattle Pacific University Alumn

think that their experience abroad has been positively valued in their job and/or university applications

Here's some of their experiences:

"Having experience living in another country, especially one whose primary language is not English and being exposed to their culture stood out to interviewers when I applied for an internship."
- Fitchburg State University Alumn

"A job interviewer said they respect that I was willing to step outside my comfort zone and take on a completely different culture, as well as traveling on my own showed them I am willing to do anything and responsible."
- Alfred State University Alumn

"I've been able to leverage my Sant'Anna experience as both a conversation starter with other employers who have studied abroad (either in Italy or otherwise) as well as a way to represent experience growing personally through living in another country and culture."
- University of Missouri Alumn

"Future employer liked how I was a part of Secondhand Sale and raised money. Also since the job is in recruiting/sales, employer liked how i got out of comfort zone by studying abroad/ becoming friends with locals."
- Plymouth State University Alumn

"Many companies thought it demonstrated an ability to adapt to different environments. My current company works a lot with Enel so they saw work experience in Italy as a plus."
- Rochester Institute of Technology Alumn

"I recently applied for a job in communications and they were very impressed that I studied in another country and capable of communicating with people on a daily basis, despite the language barrier."
- SUNY Cortland Alumn

believe that their profile has been evaluated better or much better compared to the other candidates'



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